Monday, August 6, 2007

Safety first

The lavish praise you all have heaped on me for organizing Team CoeBRAI is certainly gratifying. It also inspires me to keep this going. Three years ago I thought this would be a quintessential alumni event, and this year we made it just that. Thank each and every one of you for participating. Now I challenge each of you to join us again next year and/or recruit a friend.

The gift certificate you all got me was burning a hole in my pocket so I spent it tonight. I think you'll approve of my purchases. I spent over an hour examining nearly everything Northtowne Cycling and Fitness had to offer. Ultimately, my selections involved something I had learned from you this year.

I got a new helmet, white like Gary's to deflect the intense Iowa sun, after someone said they should be replaced every few years as the styrofoam becomes brittle. While I hope to never need it, I'm glad to know my most valuable asset is protected.

I got a taillight, which I can now use in concert with my helmet headlight should I ever venture out before sunup or, more likely, after sundown.

And I got a tube of Chamois Butter. I figure if it's good enough for John Edwards, it's good enough for me.

Thank you all, again, for everything. If you haven't already, please send me your photos so I can include them in the compilation CD.

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