Friday, March 7, 2008

Fast, fast, fast. I'm gonna be fast.

Dear y'all;

Ok, "fast" is a relative term. But I've bought me a new bi-cycle. Rather than the near 20-something-year-old 10 speed Schwinn I was noted for in last year's COEBRAI, this year I'll be riding a 2008 Cannondale Synapse Sport 7. (Yes, I said "seven"). It's blue, a color noted for it's aero-dynamisms; it's got pedals; it has twenty-seven really fast gears. And I am able to transfer my gel seat to this high performance model. Stand back.

PLUS: I bought what is known as a "trainer". This means that, just like I did last night, I can ride my bike in my living room, and not hit anything. Any time I want. Ok: technical explanation - the rear wheel is held up with some kinda doohicky, but it still spins round and round.

This trainer came with a video, too; so I'm practicing speed racing with persons in a 2004 national race held in Downers Grove, IL. Yet another sign of speed: Downers Grove is known to be a fast, fast place.

Anyways, just to send the random blog, I conclude: Doug, I may come closer to keeping up with you this year. Katie, if you're out there: I'm going to be drafting all the way up hills behind you. Hopefully, close enough to actually draft. Love to write more, but I'm just too darn fast...


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