Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adventures with Bob

Between my son's baseball games, my daughter's softball games and practices and the rain, getting a ride in has been difficult. I was determined to get one in today -- despite the continued weather uncertainty -- and was glad when Bob returned my call with thumbs up.

We met at Greene Square Park shortly after 2 p.m. and departed for Ely. With portions of the trail flooded, we took the road route out of town until -- about four miles in -- Bob's chain broke. Poor guy has a beautiful new bike, yet the same bad luck.

Bob walked his bike home, reasoning, "at least it's exercise," while I continued onto Ely. Strong headwinds and an attack bird presented challenges on the outbound route. Inbound was smooth sailing with strong tailwinds. Got in a little over 20 miles in about 90 minutes.

And now it's raining with tornadic activity in the area. I hope Bob made it home.

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Doug said...

You guys are welcome to come out and train in CT. I went past 500 miles this week in my training. Admittedly that includes an early spring riding weekend in CA and a ride around the island of Maui.

Based on what we are seeing on TV here it looks like I should outfit my bike with pontoons.

Sounds like Bob is training to keep us all entertained with his bad luck. I'll be sure to pack my handy-dandy multi tool that I now carry specifically because of Bob's bad luck on the last day of last year's ride. Of course this gave Bob more chances to visit with some of the more interesting locals along the way.

Trust you guys can hang in there until weather improves and don't forget to ride some hills (or in Bob's case, put your trainer on the stairs).