Friday, June 13, 2008

CR flooding

As most of you know and others have probably heard, Cedar Rapids has been devastated by flood. Coe College was not spared and is currently shut down. I've been documenting this historic event in photographs. Feel free to view them here.


Lindsay, Class of 2003 said...

Thank you for posting these photos. I keep seeing news reports on the CR flooding but couldn't find any information on how Coe was holding up. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Iowa.

Kate said...

THANK YOU for posting these photos.
I've been trying to dig up images from the flood related to Coe... and am very grateful to have found yours.

-Kate (Class of '93)

BIS401 Hirshorn said...
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BIS401 Hirshorn said...

Thanks for posting these photo's. It is very sad to see.

Jessica, 1991

Rachel from LA (class of '66) said...

Wow. Amazing photos. Thanks for posting them and letting those of us in far-flung areas see what's happened to our beloved campus.