Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2: 83 miles of hills and headwinds

RAGBRAI hit us with its best shot Monday, but only one CoeBRAI rider succumbed to the sag wagon. It was fait accompli after Jill Clark forgot her cash and ID in Harlan.

With over 5,200 feet of climb over 83 miles (and I'm told the century loop was every bit as hilly) this is easily the toughest day we'll face all week. I used my granny gear on four of the hills and found the headwinds faced for much of the day every bit as challenging.

First though, Team CoeBRAI and the Lizard Kings huddled in the basement of Jim Druck's home in Harlan when a wicked storm blew through at 2 p.m. Evidence of the storm was apparent on Monday's ride to Jefferson, where our host Dave Hoyt '78 saw trees toppled at his parent's farm in nearby Scranton.

In the storm's aftermath, 20 CoeBRAI riders tackled 83 hilly miles to Jefferson.
Kevin Ogle and David Moore decided 83 miles wasn't enough, so they completed the century loop for 100 miles on a bike. For their efforts they got a patch and sore muscles. Kevin was first to arrive in Jefferson -- despite riding an extra 17 miles -- with your's truly arriving shortly after, first in the 83-mile division. Riders quickly trickled in while racing threatening clouds bearing down on Jefferson.

A little light rain fell for a bit, but it didn't derail the picnic dinner orchestrated by drivers Abby Masters and Ashley Bieghler, with assistance from Lisa Zingula. Thanks to Dave Hoyt for opening his home to us -- and for letting me tap into his wi-fi.

Ironically, our next door neighbors in Jefferson are the team from Wartburg College. They've been much more subdued than Team CoeBRAI. I've been scouting them out for Wednesday's kickball showdown in Toledo, and I like our chances -- unless they bring in the ringers again.

Now it's on to Ames, where we'll actually be staying with one of our riders -- Dr. David Moore, he of the just completed, first time century ride. I doubt it's his last. He seems to really enjoy this. All the better while connecting with former classmates like Dave Hoyt.

Speaking of alumni connections, Dennis Mumm stopped by tonight on his way into town to catch up with Dave and fellow Sigma Nu's Stan Miller '59 from St. Louis and Keith Rusher '61 from Fort Madison, Iowa, dropped by the greet Team CoeBRAI. Stan and Keith, who ride with a group out of Fort Madison, are staying across the street tonight. Earlier tonight, Judy Floy's brother and his family dropped by with pie from his Jefferson church.

It's a small RAGBRAI world.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we just wanted to say Hi and wish all of you a good ride. Can't believe it's been a year already when all of you were here in Hampton. Take care, looking forward to reading all about your adventures this week.
Henry & Tess