Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 3: Blowin' into Cyclone country

RAGBRAI is all about pie, but this day was cake. Only 57 mostly flat -- except for a big climb into Boone, which probably accounted for a third of the day's total -- miles from Jefferson to Ames.

First to arrive was our host, Dr. David Moore, whose parklike backyard gave riders a much needed night of peaceful rest. From here, it's hard to tell RAGBRAI is in town, and that's just fine and perfectly timely.

And the weather -- oh glorious weather. I'm not sure what today's high was, but I barely broke a sweat while making progress on my farmer's tan. We faced challenging headwinds, I'm not gonna lie, but it's hard to complain on a day like today.

As I type this I'm on the deck of David's spectacular home with a cool breeze hitting my neck, scarcely a sound to be head but crickets chirping and an occasional croak from the pond. No train whistles. No reverberating music. No post game analysis. At least not yet.

Most everyone else went to the big show -- The Nada's and STYX. I took a pass so I could blog. These are the sacrifices one makes when he doesn't care for the headline act.

Much as I'd like to be "drinking from a bottle, not thinking about tomorrow" -- as we've heard time and again -- big mileage days await. Tomorrow offers nearly 80 miles to the Upah's in rural Toledo, where we will put our best 10 up against Wartburg College in RAGBRAI Kickball Death Match II (no one died last year, but one never knows).

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