Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 5: Heading home

Thursday began with a light rain out of Tama-Toledo until Belle Plaine, 30 out of 76 miles later. Fortunately, we shaved about six miles off of a bumpy road out of town thanks to a shortcut from the Upah farm.

This was my grouchy day. I was wet, and cold, and didn't want to be on my bike. So I rode, and rode, and rode by myself. I was first to arrive in North Liberty, which had the best welcome I experienced. Here, CJ and Jenn Marcy hosted us in their lakeside home.

On a nicer day the Amanas would have been cool, even if they didn't roll out the RAGBRAI red carpet. Instead, for me, it was merely a bathroom break from my final destination.

It helped considerably not to have to seek out breakfast -- thanks Upahs! -- but all were anticipating a refreshing dip in the Marcy pool. Several folks who live in Cedar Rapids took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in their bed for a night, and they all returned to finish the ride.

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