Friday, November 21, 2008

A sight for sore eyes

Bob Untiedt's entrance into the Paul Engle Center for Neighborhood Arts on Wednesday should have had musical accompaniment. Talk about your Kodak moment!

Let me try to paint the scene since Bob has neglected to (though I bet this post will generate something hilarious).

With the season's first Alberta Clipper sending cold Canadian air our way, Bob was bound-and-determined to hit his "revised" goal of 1,200 miles. (He's an amazing stickler for details despite not having an odometer on his bike.)

So, as we gathered for a meeting of the non-profit board of directors for which we both are honored to serve, in walks Bob and his bike. Mind you, it's pitch black out, but he has lights.

Those of you who know and love Bob, and to know him is to love him, appreciate his keen eye for fashion. Without a single item of biking gear, Bob pulled off his 22 (I think) mile effort in multiple layers topped by a Coe College sweatshirt. A stocking cap protected him from helmet-hair (though not really, since both were worn). Bob's thinking of wearing his winter gloves on RAGBRAI 2009.

If only I had my camera.

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