Monday, February 16, 2009

9 spots left

Assuming we follow through on our threat to cap Team CoeBRAI at 30 full-week riders (a number driven by logistics), there are only nine spots left after today's flurry of registration activity. Good work, team!

I also added four names to the interest list, including three full-week riders. One of them has registered already (he lives in Omaha, so the Council Bluffs start has to be appealing) and the other two should be considered co-founders -- along with Tony Bata -- for the modern-day Team CoeBRAI.

Academic Technologist Lisa Wiebenga Stroschine and her husband, Jamey, were CoeBRAI pioneers in 2005. Lisa and Director of Academic Computing Tony Bata led the effort in 2005 and 2006. They made the perfect team with Lisa's organizational skills and Tony's culinary skills. Oh, the food! And Jamey saved my butt on more than one occasion with his bike repair skills.

Back then we fought for ourselves in RAGBRAI campgrounds, but were assured the finest meal served in each overnight town, courtesy of Tony, who doubled as our support driver. Those were good days.

And after taking a few years off RAGBRAI for rides in other states, Lisa and Jamey are back! Lisa delivered their second child, Cam, just recently and is on maternity leave. Imagine my surprise when her e-mail arrived today announcing their return.

The Team CoeBRAI experience has evolved over the years (this will be our fifth). We've traded RAGBRAI campgrounds for residential lawns. Instead of Tony's cooking, we hope for generous hosts or fend for ourselves. We rarely pay $5 for a cold shower. Thanks to the generosity of hosts from the Coe family, we enjoy a uniquely Coe experience within the RAGBRAI experience.

Lisa and Jamey, Susan and Nick, Steve, Steve and me represent the "old guard". I can hardly wait. Get off your teeter-totter and register!

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