Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bowlin for kids' sake

While not exactly a fundraiser, it'll certainly be a fun-raiser with John Bowlin returning for his second consecutive torture tour. Instead of bringing a girl, this time he's bringing fellow 2007 grad TKEs Joe Greenwood and Jase Jensen.

John was often the life of the party last year -- even when the party was asleep -- and 2009 promises more of the same. I don't mean to sound an alarm for anyone -- from what I know of these three guys, John is the wildest -- but the Ely boys better bring their "A" game.

All of this is a way of saying, holy smokes am I amazed at the response!

Joe and Jase make the 27th and 28th registered members of Team CoeBRAI. I have another 20 people on the radar, but expect maybe another half dozen entries. While our intention was to cap the team at 30 full-time riders, don't worry. Just register and we'll sort it out later.

We ordered a bigger bus and a bigger truck today to ensure we can accommodate a bigger group. But we do have limits. Initial payments aren't due until March 1, but please don't wait until then to register. RAGBRAI isn't until July, but these are critical times for team captains.


Doug said...

Yes, but can they play kick ball?


Greenie said...

rookie of the year in 2002, 5 time all star in the NKBA, 2 time MVP, 1 finals MVP