Friday, April 24, 2009

The Pools of RAGBRAI: 2009 Edition

Some of you asked for it, all of you get it. The pools on the 2009 RAGBRAI route have been plotted and ready to share with the world. Whether you're training for a triathlon (Katy), need a break from the sweltering heat, or want to find a way to "wash up" along the route cool pools of clear water can be the solution to many of your week-on-a-bike needs. Two of the benefits of wearing lycra for seven straight days is that it can double as a swimming suit and it dries quickly on the bike.
The pools are few and far between this year as might be expected but their rarity will afford them an almost oasis-like quality when you find one. In order to plan ahead, click on the picture above or on this link:

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