Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mt Vernon Heritage Days Ride

If you are looking for a group ride with a bunch of RAGBRAIers then the Mt Vernon Heritage Days Ride on July 11th is your cup of tea. It's a 35 mile ride with beautiful scenery. Taken from the ride description:
Riders will meet at 9 AM in downtown Mount Vernon. This ride will go from Mount Vernon through Lisbon and south on the Sutliff Road toward Sutliff and on to Solon. Riders are welcome to stop at Sutliff on the way to and/or from Solon if they wish. From Solon, the ride returns on the same route. Sutliff Cider opens at 11 AM, is biker-friendly and is a great place to stop on the way back. The ride will end back in uptown Mount Vernon. Riders are encouraged to stay and enjoy the Heritage Days' music, beer garden, and food vendors.
I will probably be working at Sutliff Cider that day and would love to see a few CoeBRAI jerseys stop by. You can find more rides and information here:

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Brian said...

Sounds like a great time - thanks for the info. Unfortunately we'll be out of town that weekend (well, maybe it's not so unfortunate since we'll be at Okoboji).