Monday, July 20, 2009

A tough ride to Greenfield

I'm not gonna lie, today was tough. Brad even needed to shift off his big gear. Twice.

Me, I discovered granny missing on the way out of Red Oak, and didn't have her at my disposal all day. And what a miserable 72-mile day it was with the hills and the chills and the constant drizzle. It was enough to prompt me to buy rain gear upon arrival in Greenfield, where we have been treated like kings by our hosts Ralph and Erma Mitchell.

A sit-down dinner didn't pan out, but I'm pleased to have lunched at Subway in Corning, bypassing the carnival food frenzy.

Tomorrow we're off to Indianola and will be flying Coe colors en force. It's a bit longer and a bit less climb, with more downhills. The weather looks to be a lot like today.

I've yet to find a Fat Tire, so Chris Engel better greet me with a cold one or there may be trouble.

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Anonymous said...

July 23rd:
I want to thank all of CoeBrai team for letting me tag along for two days...they were incredibly sweet given that I missed two tough days and only got two ideal days to ride. :) BUT I think I at least got a taste of Ragbrai...rain at night, Pastafari, smoothies, small town hospitality, showers, port-a-johns,etc. I hope to join them for the whole week next year. If anyone wants to see my pictures...check them out at: