Saturday, July 24, 2010

And we're off

An uneventful drive to Sioux City has Team CoeBRAI ready to ride. The Karpuks opened their lovely yard to our merry band and a tent village soon emerged on this picturesque property. SMASHMOUTH headlined the RAGBRAI kickoff party, consequently I'm up well past when I should be.

Flooding in northeast Iowa is prominent in all of our minds as we begin this adventure. Our prayers go out to all of the affected communities, some of which we will be biking through in just a few days.

If the forecast holds, we're in for nice weather to open the week. With 3,687 feet of climb over 68.5 miles, rain would only add insult to injury.

We'll be wearing our Coe jerseys into Beaver country, as Storm Lake is home to Buena Vista University. Our host is Erin Toomer Smith '99. More later. Must sleep. 

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