Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 4 - Clear Lake to Charles City

When we got to Clear Lake we were obviously hot and exhausted so I showered (no hot water was left to be had but cold felt really good) and a group of us went to find something to eat after resting for a while. By the time we got to the Lutheran church and then to the Methodist church there was no food remaining. Then on to other commercial locations. Same story or lines so long I wasn't interested. I returned to camp and found others with the same dilemma so we got bread and bologna at the grocery store and ate just fine. Then to bed.Anyway, here is the story of the ride on Wednesday from Clear Lake to Charles City.It rained an inch last night with lots of lightning and thunder so I left a little later than usual for today's ride. An 8 AM start sent me south out of Clear Lake with an overcast sky and a wonderful tail wind. Ran 20 to 21 mph to the first turn off where one of our group said her mother was waiting for us with cinnamon rolls. Sure enough Judy's mother had driven from Minnesota with delicious rolls. Then on toward Charles City and a short ride of 51 miles. Swaledale was the first town and one of the hightlights. They had many firsts there but today's exhibit was the first impractical mechanical invention, a moving junkyard. And it was. Photos to follow. Then in Cartersville, an unincorporated town, the entire city of maybe 50 people had rallied around their school and had created a fundraiser where you launched yourself into the pond by holding a trapeze-like contraption. People paid $5 each and they sent about 4 or 5 a minute into the pond and it was nonstop. Everyone stopped either on the road or into the area to see it and then bought food and beverages. Great idea. I also achieved one of my objectives for the trip with a stop at Mr. Porkchops for a huge pork chop. They do them right in Iowa. A chop about an inch and a half thick, charred but medium rare and juicy on the inside. Best ever.Then on to Rockwood where there are a host of Devonian fossils. Many riders stopped at a stone pit outside of town to look for fossils. Into the town and I enjoyed a root beer float.Short ride then into Charles City to meet the crew at our hosts home. Did 53 miles at an average of 15.6 mph. Could have ridden lots more.The truck has broken again. I tried to find an available race car hauler to fill in for the day, but Lonnie and crew found a truck that will be delivered here. Also tried to convince Barb to bring our truck here but that didn't work!Anyway, the best part of the day was to come. Carmen and Everrett Schacht were coming from Cresco for dinner and she was bringing a rhubarb pie. We met at the parking lot outside the HyVee and chatted for a while about all the friends from our youth group who had recently gotten together. We shared pictures of them and my family then went to a pizza place for a great dinner and more conversation. (Plenty of food in Charles City) Then they followed me to the campsite and I brought the pie into the house. It was spectacularly good. I shared it with the group and they were ecstatic as well.We are ready to go to bed in preparation for the longer ride tomorrow. We are headed to Waterloo with a stop in Parkersburg, a city nearly destroyed with a tornado a couple of years ago, and a very important stop in Dike to visit with the Hansen's. Alice might have something for me to eat as well -- hope, hope.Also it would be a nice surprise if Barb showed up for her ride with us. We'll see.I'll be with you tomorrow.

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