Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2: Atlantic to Carroll

Day 2 offered a scenic 65-mile ride from Atlantic to Carroll. After a comfortable stay with Coe parent Mary Paasch, we found our way to the home of John and Jackie Kitch. The Kitch's are family friends of CoeBRAI veteran Judy Floy.

The consensus is that today's ride, while longer by six miles and hillier by 400 feet, was a marked improvement over Sunday. Even longtime Iowans were impressed by panoramic views on a route that passed through Elk Horn, Kimbalton, Manning, Templeton, Dedham and Willey.

Overcast conditions prevailed until noon, helping to keep temperatures at bay. The sun came out for the afternoon and temperatures climbed sufficiently to make the spring fed pond at the edge of Carroll an attractive draw.

Tuesday takes us to Boone and offers a mere 1,787 feet of climb over 70.9 miles -- or 100 for those opting to take the Karras Loop for a century.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the weather cooperated today. Hope the saddle sores aren't bringing anyone down. Au Bond.

So how many CoeBrairs save a buck by going buck nekked into the swimmin' hole?

Lonnie, are you feeling loopy tomorrow?

Ride On!