Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day to Marshalltown

The heat continued to take its toll on the 77+ mile ride to Marshalltown. Along the way we crossed Interstate 35, the symbolic east-west Iowa dividing line.

Several CoeBRAI riders sagged for all or part of the day in the sweltering heat. There's no shame in that given reports that a third of all registered RAGBRAI riders opted out of Tuesday's leg.

While Wednesday's conditions were arguably better, the issue became lack of recovery time on back-to-back 80 mile days.

Thursday brings another, but highs in the low 90s will be a welcome change. Wind from the northwest promises a smooth 30-mile cruise from Vinton to Cedar Rapids, one of my favorite rides when conditions are favorable.

The iPod will be playing Counting Crows all day in anticipation of Thursday's show and a night at home. Get ready, Cedar Rapids. Company's coming!

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