Friday, July 25, 2014

An epic ride to Independence

Epic and memorable were among the kindest words used to describe Friday's 67-mile ride from Waverly to Independence. Other descriptors are not fit for print.

Waking to heavy rain in Waverly, most of our group wasn't dissuaded from the challenge and endured rain, strong headwind and cool temperatures for most of the morning. Team captain Lonnie Zingula opted out and is writing this post on second-hand reports.

One of our riders was treated for hypothermia in Tripoli, where Coe alumna Chastity Kalise Mueller had set up a special stop for Team CoeBRAI. A hot shower, dry clothes and rest were just what the doctor ordered, literally, for Kathy Matthes, who plans to finish the journey tomorrow.

Hosted for the second time in Independence by Steve and Mary Ohl, a calm night is anticipated before we make an early morning run to the river.

Sixty-nine hilly miles are all that remains of RAGBRAI XLII and CoeBRAI X. If all goes as planned, we'll be dipping our tires in the Mississippi by mid-afternoon.

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