Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 2: Storm Lake to Fort Dodge

Just a quick post before bed. Tomorrow is century day and, um, well, I need to be there to capture the Kodak moment.

Much like today, when George M. Ebert '91 was the only member of our merry band to complete the inaugural RAGBRAI gravel loop. Why anyone would choose to bike on gravel is beyond me, but he got a patch and a sticker for his efforts.
Similarly, tomorrow George and others of his ilk will ride the Karras loop in pursuit of the coveted RAGBRAI century patch. I've been there and done that, but I'm all-too happy to celebrate what really is a remarkable achievement. If biking 100 miles in a day isn't enough, these folks will do so before and after tent camping and without a day off from the saddle. Some of our veterans do this year after year. I call it insanity.

Today started out with light rain beginning at 2 a.m. and lasting much of the morning. Some of us dodged the rain better than others. Host locations pushed mileage totals over 70 and - despite the final climb to our home in Fort Dodge - was one of the flattest rides we'll see this week.

The other comes tomorrow into Eldora.

Coe parents Jeff and Chris Donnelly rolled out the crimson carpet in Fort Dodge. No one went hungry, that's for certain. Thanks so much, Donnelly family for your generous hospitality. 

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