Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 6: Various routes from Hiawatha to Coralville

With team members spread throughout town during the nearby Hiawatha overnight, riders took different routes to Friday's destination in Coralville.

Some followed the official route, 65 miles north and east of Cedar Rapids through Whittier and Springville. Others biked directly east of Cedar Rapids to Mount Vernon for a 50-mile day. Still others took the Cedar River Trail south from Cedar Rapids to Ely, picking up the route in Solon for a 35-mile day. Regardless of route, none avoided morning showers or steep hills around the Coralville Reservoir. 

Except for me, that is. With my wife and support crew member, Lisa, hobbled by a swollen ankle and a friend in need of a car driven to Coralville, I opted to give my tired legs the day off. Sometimes, being captain requires such sacrifices.

The day off allowed me to enjoy more time with our Coralville hosts, Sean Pearl '04 and Meredith Dobson Pearl '05. In keeping with the Coralville theme, the Pearls rolled out the red carpet for Team CoeBRAI. Thanks, Sean and "Dish," for making our last night in tents so pleasant.

We really hit the jackpot this year with six hosts providing dinner. A big thank you goes out from all of us to alumni Bryan Boettcher '03 and Beth Rohlena Boettcher '05 in Sioux City, Erin Toomer Smith '99 in Storm Lake and Sean and Meredith in Coralville as well as parents Jeff and Chris Donnelly in Fort Dodge, Steven and Lisa Sunkle in Eldora, and Carol and Dave Wirth in Cedar Falls. Throw in a night at Coe for some riders during the Hiawatha overnight and you've got the total Kohawk package.

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