Thursday, March 12, 2009

The art of biking

Little Bohemia, the beloved Cedar Rapids tavern that was the subject of a 1944 painting by 1914 Coe graduate and longtime professor Marvin Cone, is going on RAGBRAI. The reputed former hangout of Cone and Grant Wood remains closed while the owner works to recover from last June’s flood. Cone’s painting is on permanent display in Stewart Memorial Library at Coe.

And now, thanks to the skills of Coe graphic designer Christina Kroemer, it is featured on the 2009 CoeBRAI jersey. Christina’s jersey design has been submitted to Champion Systems and I’ve begun taking orders.

Each weeklong rider who was part of our group registration gets one free jersey. Please let me know what size and style you would like (long, short or no sleeve).

Anyone else is welcome to buy a jersey -- $60 for short sleeve and sleeveless, $65 for long sleeve. To place an order, go to our Web site and click on the “jersey order” tab. Sizing information is also available there. All orders must be received by May 15 and will be shipped, along with a complementary CoeBRAI license plate, by mid July.


Brian said...


kmc70e said...

Do the Borders' get jerseys?

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Sweet - you just made my whole week!