Sunday, June 20, 2010

Word as art

As the final deadline for CoeBRAI payments nears (July 1), participants may want to consider shelling out an extra $60 for this "sign" from In A Word of Marion, Iowa.

As their Facebook profile describes, "mother and son come together to create art and beauty from things that you see every day. Shapes and letters are arranged to form your favorite words and phrases."

The Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers' Market has long been a favorite Saturday morning activity for Lisa and I. Now that she has a bike, we love it even more. During yesterday's visit, we stopped by one of the word art vendors, like always. Lisa suggested I might get something for Fathers' Day. While RAGBRAI is a popular design, I wondered what a CoeBRAI sign would look like in my office.

When I stumbled upon the mother-son team at In A Word offering signs for $8 a letter (20 percent below the competition), I was sold. I went to their website, chose my letters and e-mailed my order.

Ian, a recent Marion High School graduate and current student at UNI, was quick to respond with a proof. A partnership was born when he suggested I might refer others on the team. You can get the same word or something else. You can even choose your own images for the letters. Just let Ian know I sent you.

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