Thursday, February 27, 2014

A word about refunds

As payments continue to roll in, I thought I should clarify our cancellation policy. We’ve maintained a no-refund policy for the $225 deposit, but that doesn’t seem fair when we are overbooked. Because of this, we will provide a full refund (minus the cost of any merchandise you may have ordered) to the first three riders who have to cancel. After three cancellations, we will revert to our normal policy of refunding $100 to anyone who has to back out before July 1. No refunds for cancellations in July.

If there are no cancellations, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll make it work. But the reality of the situation is that we have 35 registered riders and seats for transporting 32 (at the most). Anything over that and we have to make special arrangements. Anything under 32 just means a more comfortable drive to the start and home after the finish.

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