Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kraut Route

I'm sorry to hear Sutliff Cider isn't quite open for business yet, though they'll have a stand at this weekend's Sauerkraut Days in Lisbon, which I'm inclined to attend based on their RAGBRAI reception.

I passed right on by in anticipation of Mount Vernon, but I was impressed.

It's also a good ride for several CoeBRAI riders past and present. And, to the Ely boys, just because we don't ride together doesn't mean we can't meet you in Lisbon.

I'm inclined for a Saturday morning ride in time for "Dad's Belgian Waffles," a staple of some of the upcoming rides I've been looking into. I could be persuaded to go later for the free blood pressure checks at 11 and cabbage weigh off at noon. Or, I like Super Size Seven. I could always bike to Lisbon late and meet Lisa and the kids with the Jeep. Or both, even.

Any takers?

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Brian said...

Sorry to have missed you this weekend - we were at Okoboji and then the State Fair. I hope you got a ride in!