Friday, January 2, 2009


So, tonight I complete my online registration for RAGBRAI (not due until March 1 for CoeBRAI participants) and discover the entry fee has increased $15 to $140. In September, we agreed not to raise our $350 team fee. The RAGBRAI portion of the increase was quietly announced in November, but I didn't catch it.

Meanwhile, much has changed. So, though I still must consult with my committee, I would anticipate a modest increase to no more than $400. It's still a bargain for a vacation of a lifetime, but we have to be realistic.

Various Coe departments have generously supported Team CoeBRAI in past years. Following the June flood and subsequent economic downturn, it seems foolhardy to expect the same level of institutional support.

The fee includes the official $140 RAGBRAI entry fee (a $15 increase over 2008), a custom 2009 Team CoeBRAI jersey and license plate, bus transportation to and from Cedar Rapids and the starting/ending towns, and snack and non-alcoholic beverages at each overnight stop. It also includes variable and negotiable accommodations with Coe alumni, parents and friends at yet-to-be announced overnight stops along the way. (Our record in this regard has been nothing short of spectacular and there's no reason to doubt the generosity of Kohawks!)

I do hope you'll join us for what, for me and Team CoeBRAI, will be the fifth annual effort. To date, 14 people have officially expressed interest. Among them, six are participants from 2008 and five from 2007. How about penciling in July 19-25 on your calendar?

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