Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yeah, ok

Everyone knows that Lonnie is a great Captain and a fine figure of a human being.

AND: everyone knows that his overwhelming enthusiasm for last summer's ride was fueled by his impressive weight loss, likely suspicious substance use, and sheer delusion. Last years' RAGBRAI was a feast of suffering, a surfeit of pain, and a regular grito de dolores, if I may misuse that phrase.

So....while I am now registering for the 2009 Painfest-on-Wheels-with-occasional-pie-tasty-pork-and-naps-by-the-dumpsters, I want to issue this caveat. IF, between now and then I'm approached by a woman of modest wealth, good values, and a knock-you-dead sense of humor (oops, I'm over hyphenating here - sorry) (sorry for that hyphen, too, and these parenthesis now...)(and those ellipsis. I need to stop!).....well, I'll go elsewhere with her, if she asks.

Just so you know. Otherwise, I'll look forward to seeing all y'all!

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Lonnie said...

I bet you'll meet her on RAGBRAI! Welcome back, Bob. And as for your assumptions about my enthusiasm for last year's ride, I deny delusion. Here's hoping for a friendly route.