Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 demographics

As I finalize our group entry for submission to RAGBRAI (postmarked no later than this Friday), I was curious about the demographics of our group. We are 30 full-time riders, 1 part-timer and 3 support personnel. We range in age from 26 to 69, with a median age of 47.5 and an average of 49. I guarantee you the 69-year-old will bike circles around most of us! Of the week-long riders, 19 are male and 11 female, which bodes well for the quick-shower rule. We represent 8 states or districts. In addition to Iowa, riders hail from Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California and our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Our sponsoring organization -- Coe College -- is represented by 3 faculty/staff and 11 alumni. I have no idea how many RAGBRAI's we have collectively completed or how many virgins are among us, but I know 12 are participating with CoeBRAI for the first time.

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