Monday, April 23, 2007


I cannot compete with either the graphics of this first blog nor, I doubt, the physical conditioning that no doubt most CoeBRAI riders are already in. I have been exercising enough in 2007 that I now have a "jones" for my bike; I have hit a place beyond the first pains that allows me to really want to ride regularly. I'm currently doing 50 miles/week.

But the main point of this blog is to wonder: might others in CR want to ride together sometime? Would doing it slowly (like, say, eight miles an hour for 20-30 miles) be a deal breaker?

I'd like to do the Cedar Valley Nature Trail this Saturday from Boyson Rd Hiawatha to Center Point (26 miles roundtrip). Any others interested, at the speed (I use that word liberally) noted above? If not, would you happen to know how far behind someone you can still get any benefits from drafting?




Lonnie said...

Great idea, Bob. As luck would have it, my schedule is open this Saturday. Shall we see how many local CoeBRAIers are game? Soon I hope to organize Friday noon rides, but this would be a great way to get started.

kmc70e said...

Hi - I would love to ride the trail sometime. I work in cedar rapids but live in iowa city and have heard people talk about it. I am free saturday too. My husband would probably like to ride along as well as we both have new bikes and would like to get them "broke in"

Brian said...

I think this sounds good -- just the right distance and speed for me at this point! I hope to make it!