Sunday, April 29, 2007

Packing advice: bring the sunscreen

Bob's post reminds me of an important piece of advice I might forget to mention: bring sunscreen, lots of it. In only two years, the sunscreen application ritual has become a CoeBRAI tradition.

Though I'm not as dedicated as most, as my leathery skin will attest by ride's end, repeated sunscreen application is more important than water to get you to the Mississippi. Iowa in July can be quite brutal. The highways we'll traverse will not be shaded.

Bob got burned on our training ride to Center Point and I got a head start on my farmer's tan. And it was "only" 26 miles, not to mention April.

It was so good to ride with Bob, Katy and Brian on a glorious Saturday. I set a personal best in distance for a non-RAGBRAI day, covering 39 miles, including the distance between my house and our gathering spot, in just over 3-1/2 hours (not including lunch at Joensies, where we took advantage of two RAGBRAI traditions, pork and pie).

Weekly Friday rides begin at noon May 4. Gather at Clark Racquet Center (locker rooms available) for a 10-mile ride along the Cedar River Trail. I'm also available for weekend rides on Saturday, May 12; Sunday, May 20; Saturday, June 2; Sunday, June 3; Saturday, June 23; Saturday, July 7; Sunday, July 8; Saturday, July 14; and Sunday, July 15.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this picture from CoeBRAI '07 riders!
Ride On!
See you on some of the Friday rides.