Sunday, April 29, 2007

here comes the sun

Just to report: when the temperature outside is 72 degrees, this does not eliminate UV rays. No need to submit a federal grant request to confirm this groundbreaking scientific conclusion. Just come look at my arms. (or trust me. My arms hurt.)

Not since I picked ice plant for four hours from a cliff near the Pacific just south of San Francisco have I generated such a burn. It's not life-threatening, but is at least noticable.

But that is the least of Saturday's adventure. Four of us met in Hiawatha for a good ride; I think we averaged closer to 12-14 mph than my previously predicted eight mph. Heck, I'm ready to push it, sometime. Not real soon, but sometime. WITH sunscreen.

Also, to reiterate: a Coe alum can call themself a 'Coester', which is always handy a parties, because people will hand you drinks, thinking you're trustworthy by the label. Use this benefit responsibly.


1 comment:

kmc70e said...

I put sunscreen on before we rode and I still got burnt!!