Monday, February 2, 2009

Bob's Your Uncle

That's the name of a popular Iowa City restaurant that I haven't frequented, but am constantly tempted solely because it makes me think of Bob Untiedt, everyone's favorite uncle. You see, Uncle Bob signed on for RAGBRAI XVII today -- the third in a row.

Ironically (for you triskaidekaphobiacs), he's the 13th person to register for Team CoeBRAI. I'm registered, obviously, though I wasn't even the first. That honor goes to RAGBRAI veteran but CoeBRAI newcomer Jacquelyn Burmeister, the mother of the new graphic designer in our office, Christina Kroemer. Jacquelyn celebrates a milestone birthday Feb. 20 and invites us all to help celebrate her 55th at the Piano Bar after work.

"I will be strolling down the street from my work to the Piano Bar for an after work birthday Martini...will probably be there for about an hour or so (I'm a slow sipper), if any of you CoeBRAI'rs would like to stop by, I'd love to meet ya's! Hopefully I'll recognize some faces on the trail this spring/summer before RAGBRAI," she said in an e-mail.

So who else has signed on for 2009?

Bob Beer, Coe class of 1983, who is apparently a RAGBRAI veteran who heard good things about our group. He's bringing along his friends Mike Weepie and Glen Wiltgen. I don't know any of them, but I didn't know the Ely boys last year either.

They'll be back in full force. Ringleader Chris Boyd, a 2001 master's in teaching grad, is registered along with his brother, Danny. Also returning from the Ely boys are Mike Estenson and Brett Henecke. If you rode in 2008, you know this is good news.

Brian Farrell is back for a third straight year and continues to work on his wife, a Coe psychology prof. Sara drove in 2007 and biked a couple sweet days in 2008. We're all hoping this is the year she stops testing the water and dives in.

Back after a year's hiatus are Michael Albers and Meg Reid. Mike, a 1980 grad, rode the oldest bike I've ever seen on RAGBRAI in 2007. I understand he's upgraded for 2009. Meg, a 1988 grad, also rode in 2007 and gained the incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with biking Iowa coast-to-coast. She intended to return last year, but had to cancel. I'm thrilled to see her back on the roster for 2009.

So 13 of 36 who have expressed interest are registered. What about the rest of you?


kmc70e said...

I like bob's your uncle pizza. Andrew and I will send in our forms soon. Probably this weekend. I dont think we can do the whole week. We're hoping to figure out how to get to Sunday's end day so we can start riding Monday morning. I swore I wouldnt do it this year. How does this happen???

Scott T said...

I've been at Bob's Your Uncle twice, both times on job interview lunches. Enjoyed it twice and stopped a third time to buy T-shirts for my dad to give to his boss who lives in England.

Lonnie said...

Thanks for your comment Scott. And thanks for reading. Have you ever done RAGBRAI?

Scott T said...

Have never done RAGBRAI, although a newspaper friend of mine is slowly becoming addicted. I don't even remember the last time I rode a bike. But I find myself sucked in by the news accounts and photos anyway.