Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 1: Glenwood to Atlantic

RAGBRAI 2011 kicked off with 60 hot and hilly miles from Glenwood to Atlantic. Keith and Betsy Forman gave us a great sendoff from Glenwood, where early evening storms provided some degree of relief from high humidity. In Atlantic we're being hosted by Mary Paasch, the mother of 2006 Coe alumnus and current Admission staffer Chris Paasch.

Finally whole after being joined by Roger Bear, our support crew (pictured in event-appropriate glasses) of Abby Masters '08, Sports Information Director Ryan Workman and CoeBRAI spouse Lisa Zingula is also in full force.

Tomorrow's ride to Carroll features Manning as a meeting town. I have some history in Manning and am hoping to avoid riding in a cattle truck this time through.

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Anonymous said...

Just be sure you stake a spot on the top floor of the cattle truck this time...

Ride on!