Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 5: Altoona to Grinnell

Quick update from my tent in Grinnell while I begin thinking about an exit strategy -- both short and long term.

Granny returned to RAGBRAI today, and she brought Mother Nature with her. Granny, in this case, is the gear used to navigate hills, which reappeared on the route after a two day absence. Meanwhile, besides heat, we had our first weather threat of the week -- rain upon arrival way back in Glenwood doesn't count -- though cloudbursts were about all that resulted.

The 57 miles from Altoona to Grinnell were a never ending series of rolling hills. Cloud cover, even if threatening rain, helped keep temperatures as cool as they've been all week.

Coe Webmaster Andy Molison greeted us in Grinnell, where we were hosted most capably by his grandma, Carol and father, Bill. Tomorrow I'm hoping for a big showing by Kohawk Nation as we fly the Coe College jerseys on school spirit day in Coralville. Be sure to stop by the Kohawk tent outside the Coralville city limits for a cold beverage and a warm welcome.

Mississippi River flooding further up the road in Davenport increases uncertainty surrounding the finish of this great adventure -- but I choose not to think about that just yet. My more immediate concern is my Garmin bike computer, which picked the worst possible time to decide to quit working. If that weren't enough, I have to teach these knuckleheads how to tie a bandana.

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