Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kickball anyone?

After receiving a rather intimidating e-mail from my RAGBRAI-organizing colleague at Wartburg College, the competitive juices flowed like Gatorade -- my red to Kendra's orange. Before the day was out, we had agreed to a kickball match between members of Team CoeBRAI and members of Team Knight Riders.

She even threatened to hold practices, "so we can dominate." I won't go that far, but I'll bring the game ball on RAGBRAI. I'll need at least 10 of you to commit to an hour of off-bike physical activity on Thursday, July 26 in Independence. The game will be held at our hosts' house, which gives us home field advantage and is conveniently (for Wartburg) located adjacent to the hospital.

(Having suffered through more "adult" kickball tournaments than I care to remember, I will serve exclusively as bench coach.)

You remember kickball, don't you?

You might wonder why Coe's historic rival isn't the opponent. I have approached organizers of Team Ram with the same challenge and am awaiting their response. I have to say, though, that the Coe-Cornell rivalry is currently based solely on duration. While we are academic peers, the two Linn County schools have enjoyed much different athletic success since leaving the Midwest Conference for the Iowa Conference. While Wartburg tends to dominate Iowa Conference athletics, Coe has more than held its own. Ask any current Coe student-athlete who they want to beat most and 99.9 percent will say Wartburg. Don't let them down.


Brian said...

I'm in. Probably.

Tom Hicks said...

I'm in and I'm sure Pete will be up for it.

Bobu81 said...

Count me in, as long as I can still walk. Regardless of walking, I'll be working on creative trash talk. Like: 'Go orange' - What is that about? Does Wartburg sell tanning booths?

Or 'Stink boldly' - that's Wartburg athletics motto, right? (we have a Martin Luther allusion, here...)

Don't worry, my best mind will be working on it.