Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh, nothing really...

Hi again;

I appreciate the Knee Saver info, Doug, and look forward to being with you, Lonnie, for Swine Trek. I'd encourage others to join us - among the mysteries of the universe is why they serve chicken at an event named after pork...but you must be present to learn the answer! Again, see: if you want info/the registration form, etc...It's $20 before June 16, and $25 AFTER 6/16.

In my own soap opera, "As the Knee Turns", I'm optimistic now. I just did a 22-mile, much hillier-than-my-average route. This was something I blogged about earlier which affected me severely last time. And it's not this evening producing anything like the same earlier pain! (Yay for me.)

Probably both additional training and DOWNSHIFTING EARLIER (like THAT isn't a 'duh' realization: one doesn't have to prove masculinity on every hill...and age matters on joints) may have made a difference, but I'm far more optimistic now about being part of COEBRAI than I was in the last post. Not that this matters to most, but I had a great conversation with another biker about how Lance Armstrong was among the earliest professional riders to downshift much earlier: sure, it requires more rpms - but is MUCH easier on ones knees and can be quicker overall, apparently...

Any interest for rides after work this week, or this Saturday? I'm tempted by Hiawatha-Brandon on Saturday, maybe something like 9am-5pm...

Thanks, Lonnie, for your continuing info updates, too!

All for now;


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Lonnie said...

Weather-permitting and depending on things go at the dentist tomorrow with an abcessed tooth, I appear to have after-work biking openings Monday-Thursday.

I'll be tied up Friday-Sunday with Relay For Life and my son's league baseball tournament. I encourage anyone in the area to bike out to Kirkwood for this year's Relay (construction at Clark Field forced it away from Coe for the first time). I'd also welcome any donations for the American Cancer Society's signature event (and the number one Relay in Iowa for three years running).

As for the Swine-Ride-Chicken-Dinner, I'm questionable at this point. I think Zach's baseball coach may have arranged for a double-header that day. If not, we'll both be in.