Thursday, May 1, 2008

he's baaack...


I have experienced some technical difficulties with posting for a bit. Ergo, I've not responded to semi-trash talk from Doug, nor been posting photos of my new bike, yet. Weather here has been a factor in reducing my training time, so I'm not yet ready to tell Doug to "make my day". Indeed, I'd be currently reluctant to challenge Doug's grandmother to a race.

Thanks, Katie, for your nice words. We all look forward to riding with you again. Bringing the hubby? Nothing is more beautiful than a woman of power, and that's certainly you.

Separately, and back to 'my blogging habit': Stay tuned. I've already had issues with the *!@#%$ newfangled stems on these tubes. I got a tire jones of some sort. It's a bad, bad thing.

Yup, - you saw this coming, right? - I've already 'portaged' about six miles with this bike, from up a gravel trail last Friday to near home. (Sure, it's because I think myself invincible and didn't bring adequate equipment. I was just too excited about getting out there!) The shoulder bruises are starting to heal, the bike is clearly broken in (probably 50-60 miles total), and more is coming. Also, I did get a ride from a 20-something faintly stoner type, the last 2 miles home. He's going to crash a day or two of RAGBRAI, so maybe we'll all score some stuff, if we reconnect...

But, really - the important thing about all this is, on a daily basis: Can't you just hardly wait to get out? Isn't biking, for people who live in areas that have real seasons, just a sure sign of spring; a reminder of youthful days (or daze, as it were); the promise of weight loss and nice thighs; and more? Get out of your car, down off your horse, and ride!


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