Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Lonnie already mentioned this, but it is worth noting again because it's really a great event. The Hawkeye Bicycle Association's Swine Trek will take place on Saturday, June 21, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Pleasant Creek Recreation Area near Palo is the registration and starting point, and there are four distances to choose from. Bob and I rode the 50-mile ride last year and I was quite impressed by the organization. For RAGBRAI virgins, it's a good preview of an 'organized ride' (stops in small towns and more than a few of you on the road); for everyone it's a good opportunity for a longer, safer road ride. The registration form is at http://www.hawkeyebike.org/special_rides/Swine_Trek_2008.pdf

I'm slowly getting back into bike mode after running a half-marathon in early May. I've probably only logged about 50 miles so far, so I'm hoping to kick it into high gear soon (despite the disheartening news from Northtowne last night that they're at 2 weeks for tune-ups...).

Seems like I've been tied up on a lot of weekends, but perhaps those of us in the CR area can get together for a few evening or weekend rides in June. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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Lonnie said...

If Northtowne had any business sense, they'd establish a system where they put people on a list and called them when they're ready for your bike. It's crazy to have to lose two weeks of riding time for a four-hour tuneup.