Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boy, howdy


I'm just sayin 'hey', here, to the Abby's. I sent them a separate email, but didn't know from the blog that the famous duo of Abby, and yes (wait for it...) Abby - are back this year! (I rediscovered their being with us by reviewing a weeks-old Lonnie email.) Well, ain't this all great. Just great!

We got all kinda people back - most of 'em, I knew about. But adding the Abbys to alla us all; that's just a bucket of warm worms when you got the fishin pole ready, that's what I'm thinkin. Boy, howdy.

Quite separately: It's official - this weather just sucks. Make the rain go away! I'm going to get on my trainer in the living room now, and watch another suspense flick to get me goin. But this aint nothin like being out on what's available in the great out-of-doors these days: crappy half-submerged paved trails; pasty near-concrete paste from mushy packed gravel trails, or risking-ones-life-to-get-to Ely roads. Right now on the trainer, I'm going to take Doug's advice and put a fan in front of me, so at least I'll get some wind training in.

Ah, well - regardless: I'm also soon looking forward to Swine Trek. Can't get enough of those walking tacos; proof yet again that American ingenuity lives. Didn't invent the walking taco in Sweden, nossir; not in Nigeria, neither, ma'am. Four decades ago, we put a guy on the moon. Now, the walking taco. Who said we're falling behind other countries in innovation? The walking taco is a more recent generation's moon shot, it seems to me. God bless America. And swine trek. And my creaky knees.

All for now;


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Lonnie said...

This, ladies and gentlemen, is just a preview of the entertainment that awaits us on RAGBRAI. I can't wait!