Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be careful out there!

A fight over the road leads to a bloody mess at a Cedar Rapids Casey's.

Police say two brothers were riding their bikes on 8th Ave. SE this afternoon when a guy in a car drove up behind them and told them to get on the sidewalk.

The three men then pulled into the Casey's lot and the car and bicycles collided.

Jack Poohl, one of the men on a bike, then went to the car and punched in a window cutting his hand.

He told us he got a ticket for breaking the window and now he wants to know why the driver of the car didn't get a ticket for running into him.

He said, "The only reason I punched out the window was because I felt my life was in danger. If a cop had gotten hit, the cedar rapids police would have shot him."

The other man on the bike injured his wrist when he fell on the hood of the car.

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