Monday, May 25, 2009

A century week

How is your training going? I seem to be doing quite well, by my standards, although I didn't have the 100-mile weekend I hoped for. I did have a 100-mile week, though, and hope they'll continue, although Zach's baseball season opens tomorrow night.

I was able to ride to work and get in noon rides on the trail on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, accounting for 45+ miles. The weather forecast doesn't look promising early this week, although Thursday and Friday could be ideal.

I spent Memorial Day weekend at a friends cabin near Cascade, on the same brutal road to Bellevue that many of you experienced two years ago as I opted to drive under the guise of handling logistics. I'd like to think I've made up for it by biking 16.6 miles to Bernard and back after Saturday's rain and, mostly, 35.4 miles round trip to Cascade on Sunday.

I felt it this morning and nixed my plans for a breakfast ride to Bernard, but did bike 5.4 miles home after dropping the camper off to my mechanic. Much as I hoped and intended to ride at least 10 miles, rain clouds and wind convinced me to take the most direct route home.

So the weekend total was only 57.4 miles. For the week, 103.2. For the year, 363.5. That's six weeks ahead of last year's pace, when I totaled 378.8 miles (or so) before RAGBRAI. I've already surpassed 2007 (251.6 training miles) and 2006 (147.8). 2005's 380.3 miles should be topped by June.

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