Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Map my ride?

I've been celebrating Bike to Work week by biking while at work. On Sunday I biked to Zach's baseball games in Lisbon. Monday Tom accompanied me on a train-impacted trail ride to Hiawatha, so I could make a bank deposit. Today was a joy ride on the southern end of the trail with Tom and Eric.

Forty miles over the last three days has me at 250 for the year. I've already surpassed my RAGBRAI training miles of prior years, and it's only May.

Tomorrow looks like a washout, but Thursday looks ideal. The usual Friday ride is a game-time decision. Saturday looks to be a nice day if anyone wants to get together. I don't believe I have anything scheduled.

On Sunday, I've got a high school graduation gig in West Liberty. That seems a good opportunity to rack up 45 miles. Anyone want to accompany me for all or part (to Ely, for instance, and then out of Ely)? More importantly, does anyone know of a safe route from here to there? I've tried Mapquest, but highways seem inevitable.

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