Monday, May 25, 2009

Training for Two?

I've only gotten in on ONE Friday ride so far; a series of workshops and other commitments has kept me away from my bike at noons on Fridays. I miss the rides, and hope, now that classes have ended and May term is well under way, I can get in some Friday miles.

I am getting some miles in, however. My six-year-old daughter Willa and I have been commuting to school/work by bike. We have a tag-along that attaches to the seat-post of my bike. For those unfamiliar, her tag-along is a single wheel, handle bars and pedals. For the past week, we've been riding together to school, where we leave the tag-along locked up, then I ride on to Coe. We reverse the ride in the afternoon. It's about 14 miles round trip depending upon our route, but I wonder if I get to count double-miles if I'm towing 65+ pounds for some of those miles?

Ride on.

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