Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worst. Vacation. Ever.

But enough about me.

Several things.

I received word that our jerseys are en route.

I've received word of a week-long cancellation, if you know of anyone.

I remind everyone that second installments are due July 1.

And, lastly, I haven't gotten nearly enough miles in this week but need to ride like never before.

I'd also like a place to stay in Red Oak and Chariton. How about you?


kmc70e said...

I am trying to convince Katie Mineck she should ride for the week. She just got a new road bike and I think she needs to get some miles on it and what better way then to ride ragbrai. You should send her harassing emails - it seemed to have worked for me!!!

kmc70e said...

Can you let Andrew and/or I know how much we owe? I dont know if he paid the whole amount up front or just half.