Monday, July 26, 2010

Manic Monday on Ragbrai

Not the site you want to see at the end of the day...
With many members of Team CoeBRAI running on few hours of sleep, thanks in large part to another Cedar Rapids Organization, the riders were off to an early start.  All but one rider (cough John Bowlin '07 cough) was on the road by 8 a.m., about the same time said rider was rolling out of bed.  I will defend him though, he decided to stay out and enjoy all of the Johnny Holmes Band in downtown Storm Lake, while I choose to return early to try to sleep.

On the longest driving mileage day of the trip, I had no idea it would turn even longer.  While most days the driving route and the riding route don't intersect, other than the meeting town, which is always optional.  Today (and sadly tomorrow) the meeting town is a required stop.  I don't even want to guess the number of people that were stuck in Pocahontas, Iowa today.  I spent a good half hour waiting alongside the highway trying to get through this small town.

Once finally making it through the town, the large problems started.  As we rolled into Humboldt, Iowa, the temperature on the Budget Rental truck engine approached 260 degrees, with the dial going over that.  After a stop to see if we could get the engine to cool down with a 20 minute break, we ventured the final 23 miles to our host in Algona, Iowa.

After barely making our way to the top of the hill, we arrived at our host with open arms.  After unloading the truck, we called Budget.  In less than a half hour, a repairman showed up.  It was nice he was there so quickly, but he also quickly gave us bad news.  The water pump was out and we were screwed.  They ordered the pump, but it won't be here until noon tomorrow.  The gentlemen at Whittemore Truck & Trailer (515-295-9574) were flat out awesome today, so I'm hoping they will quickly get the truck fixed tomorrow.

Despite a rough day of driving, numerous Kohawks tackled the Century trip today.  Of  26 riders on CoeBRAI this year, 12 splurged for the 100 mile day.  Of the 12, five were first time RAGBRAI riders.  That's pretty cool. 

Right now, everyone is sitting around camp enjoying each others company.  Doesn't sound like anyone will be partaking in the Algona town activities tonight, but sometimes, just sitting around and talking is just as entertaining.

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