Friday, July 27, 2007

Is this heaven?

Not exactly. Heck, even vacation doesn't seem to be the proper noun. But, for me, today was as good as it gets on RAGBRAI. Weather conditions met the proper state of mind for the greatest day of riding I can recall in the past three years. Zooming around beautiful Backbone State Park, a strong wind out of the north to push us along was Zen-like.

The rain ended in the wee hours and it was damp when we broke camp. Clouds threatened more rain, but only a few drops fell in the early morning hours. Zach and I made efficient use of our breaks and attacked the hills with a vengeance (and it didn't hurt that the downhills provided a significant head start).

We arrived in Dyersville shortly before 2 p.m., our earliest of the week, but still later than most everyone else. Only Kevin, Tom and Pete -- all of whom had gotten a much later start -- had yet to finish, as well as my neighbor, Brian, who was supposed to join us for today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow the journey ends in Bellevue. I think it's been a good trip. Not everything, perhaps, that anyone imagined. But something for everyone.

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