Sunday, July 22, 2007

Proud papa

I had to fight back the tears today when my manchild son, Zach, pulled off the road after completing the first day of his first RAGBRAI. Though it probably wouldn't have helped him, I'm sorry I missed it. Great thanks to Kristi, Meg, Tom and Peter for shepherding him safely for 75 miles.

By all reports, it was a plenty tough day out there on the roads. The heat, while not blistering, was sufficient and head-winds made everyone work. We'll see what tomorrow brings with the longest day of RAGBRAI XXXV -- 77 miles (or 100 for those who venture the Karras Loop).

I'll be skipping that part, and thankful enough to be biking at all. Gary Van Rooyann had a particularly rough day as he continues to recover from broken ribs sustained in a bike accident three weeks ago. So he's opted to sit tomorrow out and has graciously volunteered to serve as driver for the day.

That means I won't have to miss meeting with Brady Krischel and her family in Havelock. Brady and her dad were in a serious car accident around Christmas and she was in a coma for the spring semester of her senior year at Coe. She recovered sufficiently to participate in commencement exercises and continues to rehabilitate at home in rural Havelock.

When we found out RAGBRAI was going through her hometown, we knew it would be a special stop.

Then it's off to Humboldt, where we'll be staying seven miles south of town at a house with a picturesque view of the Des Moines River. As the music echoes from the fairgrounds here in Spencer, which went all out with skydivers and a great fireworks show, a quiet evening away from the masses sounds nice.


Steve Staker said...

Keep on trucken. Enjoy your blogs.
Coach Staker

Diana said...

Hey Lonnie! How is the Mineck Team (with the ...hmmm, Cornell rider) doing? Tell them I said 'hey'!