Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rolling with it

What happens on RAGBRAI doesn't necessarily stay on RAGBRAI, but all of it could only happen in Iowa.

We arrived today in Council Bluffs only to find our host had moved to Colorado without our knowledge. What a shocking experience that had to be for our first time riders.

Anarchy was quickly avoided as across-the-street neighbors Jessica and Ryan Willer offered up their lawn and bathroom. Soon after, fresh-back-from-vacation neighbors Diane and Barry Glass offered up their lawn and camper. Soon after that, our original host contacted the current tenant, his cousin Shelby Albertson and high school classmate Nick Golden, and we had free reign of their house as well. A little while later, neighbor Denny came over to offer up his fire pit and horseshoe pit.

Try finding hospitality like that anywhere else. Riders and unintended hosts alike rolled with it.

We have yet to peddle a mile and I feel like we've already had the quintessential RAGBRAI moment. Or maybe it just gets better from here. Stay tuned.


tony said...

damn...and I'm at home having a Guinness and missing out on all that fun. Lonnie - the rest of the week WILL be great!

Anonymous said...

Well atleast there wasn't anything bad said about us, after all of the mix up!!! Hope the rest goes smoothly!!! Shelby Albertsen

Lonnie said...

We'll never say anything bad about our hosts. Thanks so much for your hospitality, Shelby and Nick. Bruce Springsteen wrote "someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny." I think we were there on Sunday already. We'll never forget you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Saturday night was a true Iowa experience. Here in my neck of the woods on the east coast, we would have looked at some crazy people in brightly colored jerseys camping on a neighbor's yard and stayed FARRR away.

Was that heaven? No, it was Iowa!