Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thoughts after mile 303

Oh, boy, is RAGBRAI fun. Pain, grief, .....

WAIT: I'm resisting my 'inner Eeyore', no more of the death-&-gloom stuff I'm thinking about. Instead, here's my training history in 2009:

Miles 285-303: Highlight - attack by red-winged blackbird. Four times over two turns around a hilly spot (Dows Road to someplace to Hwy 13 to Mt. Vernon Road; a 3.75 mile slightly hilly terrain). Reliving Hitchcock, the 2nd time around, I took out my small tire pump and waived it at the bird. Do I look like an egg stealing varmit to you?

Miles 1-285: a blur. Some with Brian Farrell, some with Lonnie Zingula; I have a faint notion I did a 45 mile ride with Tina Turner - but that may have been while I was on 'Proud Marys' or some such. I know it was fun, involving Sutliffe Cider, rides past Toddville, and limited amounts of ice cream and pork. (not together.) (yet.)

Anyways, it comes whether one is adequately trained or not. I'll try to take it like a man, or perhaps a small male mouse. Looking forward to seeing all the good people, and the capitalist robber-barons of the COEBRAI team soon!


kmc70e said...

Within the first sentance I knew in my heart the posting was from Bob...I sneak down to the "posted by" section only to's posted by Bob. I am excited to see everyone too. We'll see you Sunday night! You dont have to worry about riding too fast to get to Red Oak Bob, I am not sure what time we'll get in!!! said...

With apologize to Robert Browning

The year's RAGBRAI is about to begin,
And bike's in Council Bluff; (so says FedEx)
Legs have yet to throb;
The beer bottle's dew-pearled;
Team CoeBRAI's on the their way in;
Tub's almost to Lonnie's with all my stuff;
Calamity has be fallen Bob;
All's right with the world!

See you all soon!