Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cornell when?

Lonnie & all,

I'd be interested in a ride to Cornell if it could be Sunday afternoon (5/20). If that's not preferred by others, no biggie; but I'd rather ride in a pack to those badlands...

Although the RAGBRAI site suggests training 650 miles in advance of the ride, I'm setting a goal of 500 miles. (I'm at 103 miles right now.) I did the Hiawatha-Center Point (26 miles) ride again on Monday night, in 2 hours, 8 minutes. I'm not racing anyone, but want to keep track of my own fitness by doing a limited amount of timing on identical routes. According to, I burned 1820 calories(!) - a bit hard to believe, but that's what the website said.

I'm a little worried about not doing any hills so far, but will start looking for them in June. I am currently planning to do Hiawatha to Brandon (54 miles roundtrip) on June 16, ideally starting at 9am, and being done no later than 4pm, averaging just under 10 mph while riding, and taking up to 90 minutes for lunch! I'd welcome company for that.

All for now; it's good to hear from folks everywhere, too. I really like that Coehawk icon, too, on the main page of this blog - and hope you work that more prominently into next years' jersey!



Doug said...

1,820 does seem a little high. The formula at this site, would suggest half to two thirds of that depending on weight.

I have the opposite problem with hills here in Connecticut. Unless I stay close to the river or stick to rail trails most road riding around here has elevation changes 2 to 3 times what is implied by the RAGBRAI site.

All in all it is probably better to ride more hills than be surprised in July.


Lonnie said...

Bob, a Sunday ride to Cornell sounds like a plan. I just need to be back home by 5ish to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday. My son's baseball schedule has been wrecking havoc on my training (and his) but I'm free this Sunday. Let us know a time and a meeting place.

Also, I'm bound and determined to get a lunchtime ride in this Friday if anyone cares to come along. Just meet outside Clark Racquet Center at noon.


Brian said...

Sunday might be a possibility for me, so let me know the plan. And I'll try to join you at the Friday noon ride this week, Lonnie.

kmc70e said...

Lonnie, I will be there at the racquet center a little before noon on Friday. I am game to riding to Cornell and back on Sunday. Does anyone know how far it is?

Lonnie said...

13.25 miles from my doorstep at 1821 Bever Ave. SE (a logical departure point, for me anyway) to the Cornell campus in Mount Vernon. 26.5 miles round-trip. We could kick that out in three hours. How does a 1 p.m. departure sound?

P.S. Though we won't have the Highway Patrol to reroute traffic, Mount Vernon Road is a much better approximation of what we'll encounter on RAGBRAI than any trail.