Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Giant OCR3

It seems like only yesterday when I was pedaling my newly purchased road bike home from the bike shop. It was actually two years ago today. Since that time, we've logged 1,666 miles together. That includes 933 miles in 2005, 633 in 2006 and 100 (so far) in 2007.

That I got to 100 in time for today's milestone is due to a 26-mile ride to Mount Vernon and back on Sunday. I'm really finding these group rides to be motivational as I'm not sure I'd ever bike narrow Mount Vernon Road without at least one partner to catch the license plate of the vehicle that clipped me.

On Sunday there were six of us, although Bob had to bail about five miles in when his pedal broke. I'm still curious how he made it back up that half-mile hill with only one functional pedal.

Katie, Andrew, Brian, Zach and I carried on to Cornell Ram country, breaking beneath the shade trees outside the Cornell athletics facility before returning to Cedar Rapids. My son, Zach, now understands what I mean about "uphill both ways."

I'm sure the ride was good for his psyche as he prepares for his first RAGBRAI. I tried to provide additional reassurance by noting that we'll be able to ride side-by-side and chat during the week-long bike ride across Iowa. In hindsight, I realize that may have been the worst thing I could have said.

We've always been close and I'm looking forward to the ultimate bonding experience. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if he uses his superior physical conditioning to maintain a comfortable separation from Rock Rapids to Bellevue. He's never been much of a chatter.

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